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Types of bouquets and their meaning

A bouquet of beautiful flowers always evokes emotions, both for the person who presents it and for the recipient. We stop looking at men with beautiful bouquets in their hands, because it looks really beautiful. Each bouquet carries mysterious information. For people who know how to understand it, this is a capacious message, an example of a silent beautiful speech. It is better to give chrysanthemums to a friend or employee, scarlet roses or red chrysanthemums to a beloved woman. And yellow chrysanthemums mean tenderness, tulips speak of happiness with the person to whom you are addressing them. Aristocrats choose orchids as a gift; these are delicate and expensive flowers, refined and luxurious. It is better for a young lady to give lilies as a symbol of purity and purity. Often such bouquets are presented to brides if they are fresh and young. Gerberas and chamomile are very interesting in flower compositions - they speak of mysterious sympathy and light flirting. To receive such a bouquet means to think about a hint of romantic adventure. Men should be more attentive to the choice of such bouquets, a thoughtless gift can accidentally break a good relationship.
When choosing a bouquet, it is better to contact a specialist at www.iflowers.by, and he will tell you which flowers, in what quantity and why it is better to choose in your case. A specialist is much better at any business, it is impossible to know everything. To improve relations with a loved one is no less important than to cure an ailment, but we go to the doctor for treatment, and we give flowers often, without thinking about the choice. But a bouquet is capable of a lot! Different feelings are symbolized not only by the variety and shade of flowers, but also by their number. Giving one flower is just an elegant token of attention. Three flowers tell the recipient about respect, and it is customary to give such a number of flowers to leaders, teachers, people of the older generation. With five flowers in the bouquet, we express recognition of success, and the man confesses his love to the family. Knowing this, you can convey the recognition to your loved one without further ado.

Candy stand

The history of candy bouquets is rooted in the long history of France. Everything new is completely forgotten old, because the French have already presented bonbonnieres to their ladies as a sign of love. They called the sweets "bonton" - hence the name of the gift. But enterprising Americans in 2001 revived the idea of ​​creating bouquets of sweets in their own style, this made a splash in the world. All countries took up this idea, vying with each other to add their own national features to its development.

Bridal bouquets

The wedding ceremony is always decorated with flowers of a special quality, selected in the same style, but different in size. At the newlywed banquet table, we create a masterpiece from the freshest and most attractive flowers just brought to our store. The most delicate flowers are woven into the bride's bouquet, and the cars of the wedding cortege and the banquet hall are decorated with the strongest and most resilient flowers that can withstand the tests of wind and time.

Fruit bouquets

Compositions made of fruits by our florists will be a good gift for a birthday, March 8 or anniversary. It's nice to get such a bouquet for older people and children, they especially love fruits.

Bouquets of roses

It is customary to congratulate beloved women with a bouquet of luxurious roses, to give them on a special occasion of a significant solemn holiday. But you can pick up a bunch of delicate rose buds in pastel colors and present such a romantic bunch by courier as a surprise and for no apparent reason. It's touching and enjoyable.

Bouquets of flowers with photos

Capturing the beauty of holiday bouquets in photos to show them to your children and grandchildren is a great idea! On the pages of our site, for the convenience of your choice, colorful photographs of bouquets are laid out - choose your favorite bouquet!

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